Insurance Premiums – control them before they control you

Why insurance premiums

所有领域的保险提供了安全、激励和心灵的平静. 在许多方面,人寿保险是提供未来需要的最终保险,但要明智地计划. 人寿保险的重点不应该是成本,而应该是目的. 即使您已经花了时间和精力来实施保险策略, no one likes to pay the premiums, 特别是当它们在你生命中最需要的时候开始暴涨! 下面是一些可以帮助缓解保费井喷的要点.

Always wise to start early


在27-28岁这一年龄段是最合适的(开始做封面最便宜的时间). Prior to this, risk taking is likely to be more significant, and therefore priced into your insurance policy. 过了这个年纪,你的“风险包袱”就开始堆积起来了.

Structure premiums appropriately

一般有两种类型的保费结构,阶梯和水平. 步幅起步相对便宜,但随着年龄的增长会增加风险. 在你40多岁和50多岁的时候,变化的速度可能会非常快(10%+ p.a.). On the other hand level premiums, although not guaranteed, 应该在策略的整个生命周期内保持一致(如果没有应用索引). Although more expensive initially (compared with stepped premiums), they become comparatively cheaper over time.

Either structure can be utilised for a specific purpose:

  • 阶梯式结构可能更适合短期或中期的需求——比如为你的债务提供保险(随着时间的推移,债务应该会逐渐减少).
  • 等级结构(如亚美体育安卓保护政策)可能更适合于长期需求——如保护您赚取亚美体育安卓的能力.

人寿保险有一个“盈亏平衡点”,即累积的阶梯式保费和水平保费的交叉点. 这是你决定适当保费结构的参考点. If the timeframe of the cover is less than this, 你应该考虑选择阶梯式保险,如果期限较长,则选择水平保费.

Lifestyle incentives

在过去,人寿保险公司专注于惩罚那些增加被保险人风险的负面行为(i.e. smoking). This may be done by either applying a loading or exclusion or, potentially, refusing cover altogether.

This still occurs, 然而,最近人寿保险办事处已经认识到通过提供健康服务来鼓励积极和健康的生活方式的好处 & Wellbeing programs. 这些项目的成员参加的活动(如每天固定的步数和普拉提课程),这些活动可以改善和促进健康. 作为回报,他们可以获得保费减免和其他福利,比如折扣健身房会员和健康撤退券. 这创造了一个更可持续的商业模式,这些项目的证据显示,政策递减率降低,可索赔事件减少.

Be wise – choose wisely!

Although life insurance cover is important, simply having a policy is not, in itself enough and all that you may require to meet your needs. 你需要明智,也要确保你有足够的资金来保障你的个人财务状况. Seek advice. While this may seem daunting, imagine possible future scenarios. For example, what might you do if your spouse passes away? 你可能会决定卖掉你持有的投资性房产以消除未偿债务? 如果你这样做了,你的人寿保单可能没有必要进行结构性调整,以抵消投资地产的当前贷款.

关于你目前和未来的财务状况有很多因素, as well as your risk appetite, 当你看你现在的保险是否涵盖时,这需要被考虑, or lack there of, is appropriate.

对你目前的保险进行审查或讨论你潜在的保险需求, please contact today our Insurance Specialist, James Grindrod, or one of our Financial Specialists. Alternatively, complete your details below and we’ll be in touch. Or call on (03) 9835 8200.


The information provided in this blog is general in nature. 它的编制没有考虑到任何人的个人目标, financial situation or needs.

在使用本博客中的任何信息之前,请考虑它是否适合你, having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs, or seek professional advice from a financial advisor.

Accru are not recommending specific investments or products. Investments mentioned are examples only. For appropriate investing always undertake thorough research. Alternatively, seek professional advice.

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